Vidhyarambam - "Thirumurai and Samskritham Classes Aarambha Pooja- 03/10/14"

The beginning of Thirumurai and Samskritham classes in Eshwara Peetam was

with a bang. Siva Sri Divakar Ayya, Smt. Tamizhselvi Amma , Smt. Sasi Kala,

(both Thirumurai Teachers) and Manga Matha (Samskritham Teacher) took

part and blessed the students.

The pooja began with a small introductory speech by Swamiji  followed by a

small and beautiful speech on Eshwara Peetam and the importance of both

Tamizh and Samskritham by Siva Divakar Ayya.


As it was the first day of the class Smt.Tamizhselvi spoke about the Panniru

Thirumurai its importance, history etc. Smt. Manga Matha taught the

students to speak and write a few letters in Samskritham.


As it was a friday the pooja was followed by the Parayanam of

Sri Lalitha Sahasra Namam.


It was decided that the classes will be taken every sunday between

10.00 AM and 12.00 Noon