Vaan Kalandha Manickavasagar - 5

Vaan Kalandha Manickavasagar the dance drama by Babanjali Temple of Arts and Sivalogam
 Sivanadiyaargal Thirukkoottam was performed on 18/10/2014 at Raja Annamalai Mandram, Broadway, Chennai.

Devotion is a very important aspect in life, it is to be combined with dedication. This was the main theme
of the dance drama where Children 5yrs to 15 yrs, and experienced dancers of Babanjali along with Thiruvadi
Chilamban Shri Raaj Paresh Baba made such a tremendous impact on the audience that the entire

auditorium was silent during the whole 2 hour performance

It was like seeing the actual life of Manikkavasagar happening in front of your eyes. The scene especially
where Manikkavasagar merged into Shiva was the best and gathered resounding applause The lighting
was very very apt and was absolutely perfect in the scene where the horses turned into foxes

Each of the Thiruvasagam couplets was so well tuned in apt ragas.

The great celebration was showcased after Manikkavasagar leaves behind his work which is of much
more value than a pearl was as if it was happening in reality. The audience were encapsulated.
The apt backdrops, the fantastic colourful costumes, melodious music, all added to this Bharathanatyam
master production. The message of Thiruvasagam was well conveyed.

Our Swamiji, Siva Sri Damodharan Ayya, Palani Patti Rajammaal Shankaran , BJP Leader L.Ganeshan
were present during the drama.Media and Publicity for the event  was organized by Thiru Promoters , Chennai.