Happenings in November 2015


November 10th  Deepavali       

Deepavali the festival of lights was celebrated amidst bhajans , crackers

and pooja in Eshwara Peetam.


November 12th - 18th  Skandha Shasti Vratham

All the six Kavachams of Lord Murugan was chanted in the evening on

all days. A grand feast was offered to the lord on 17/11/15 (Soora

Samharam Day) and prasadam was distributed among devotees.


November 25th Karthikai Deepam        

Lamps were lit in Eshwara Peetam and Lord Arunachaleshwara was

worshipped in his Jyothi Swaroopa. Chanting of “Annamalaiyanukku

Hara Haro Hara Hara”.filled the entire place making it very divine.

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