Nama Japa Kendra


Are you ready to convert your house into a ‘Power House of Nama’ ? Here we come. Let us convert your houses into “Eshwara Nama Japa Kendras “. The inmates of the Nama Japa Kendras consider Bhagawan Nama as the ‘Head of the family’ and each one of them are a fountain head of Nama.

Why should we practice Bhagawan Nama Japa ?

Chanting , writing and hearing of Eshwara’s Nama has immense effect on each and every individual. Just as a seed grows into a tree and bears many fruits, Nama Japa when sown in a family bears many fruits which will be beneficial to the individual, his family and also to the society he lives in.

Bhagawan Nama makes a person’s mind calm and improves his concentration. The repetition of the holy name, can bring us lasting benefits on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. As we start listening to the Nama it makes its way into our heart and our lips starts chanting them even without our knowledge.

The nama which we were listening through our ears slowly enters us and reaches our soul. It also cleans our mind and removes all unwanted and negative thoughts. It improves our overall character and adds all good elements into our behaviour.

Bhagawan Nama Smarana which has such great qualities and which is a very great asset is the easiest method of upliftment provided by Eshwara to us.

Including Namasmaranam in our day to day activities has innumerable benefits. Our ancestors had kept the twilight hours in the evening for Nama Japa as a part of their lifestyle. Today we are able to chant, write and hear Bhagawan Nama because of the Nama Japa done by our ancestors, likewise Nama Japa done by us will help the future generations to live a very peaceful life.

The nama that we utter will not only benefit us but will also help towards Universal well being.

Who, How and Where can we do Bhagawan Nama Japa ?

There is no restriction in chanting Nama. We can chant it at any place, any time and in any kind of situation. Nama japa not only makes us green inside but also helps in keeping our surroundings green i.e, it makes us treat our fellow beings with love and compassion, treat all other living beings with love, reduces stress, enables us to speak without hurting others, live a life which is one with nature. etc. Overall it makes us a better human being.

When Nama Japa is done collectively its energy multiplies manifold and benefits the society. Our ancestors had the culture of doing everything collectively. They celebrated the temple festivals together keeping in mind the welfare of everyone in the society. Likewise we also share whatever we have like food or other things with one another and become happy. Likewise the Nama that we chant will benefit others and the nama that others chant will help us achieve better understanding and wellbeing in the society.

If a man is left alone his mind starts wandering aimlessly in all the directions, instead if he chants or writes the nama when he or she is alone then he will be contributing very much towards for loka kalyana.

Eshwara Nama Japa Kendra

Sri Rajarajeshwara Swamiji has set us a target of converting every household into a Power House of Nama. He has given us the nama to be chanted on every day of the week and has also laid down some basic rules to be followed. If you are willing to make your house into a Nama Japa Kendra you may contact us at 9840855449, our volunteers will come and initiate your family into Nama Japa or register online at


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