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Our Projects (5)

Eshwara Nama Japa Kendra

31 Jul 2014 Written by

Sri Rajarajeshwara Swamiji has set us a target of converting every household into a Power House of Nama. He has given us the nama to be chanted on every day of the week and has also laid down some basic rules to be followed. If you are willing to make your house into a Nama Japa Kendra

Eshwara Bala Sadhana

31 Jul 2014 Written by

Bala Sadhana is a project for children in the age group of 6 to 16 years. These children are introduced to yoga, meditation, nature conservation, waste recycling, waste management, art, culture, tradition sculpture etc. Bala Sadhana is an ongoing process and Eshwara Peetam considers itself as a companion

We at Eshwara Peetam are of the firm belief that the biggest Yajna (offering through fire) is Annadana Yajna. People offering food for the fire in the belly will be blessed more than people performing any other Yajna.

Eshwara Patashala

31 Jul 2014 Written by

Eshwara Peetam proposes to start this Patashala to impart the knowledge of our ancient Bharatha scriptures like Vedas, Thirumurai, Divyaprabhandam, ancient art and dance forms used in our temples to deserving candidates in order to preserve them for future generations.

Eshwara Aatma Vidya

31 Jul 2014 Written by

This is a 12 stages course designed by Swamiji which provides a steady and systematic approach in realizing our true nature. These courses include both real life practice and study of ancient scriptures. The classes are conducted once in a month (3rd Sunday of every month)by Swamiji

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